Juggler 4 Fun Passing Patterns

Most the patterns on this site where developed by Dave Davis, Ralph Tippin, Chuck Fernald, and a handful of other folks from the South-Western U.S., during post IJA festival camp-outs between 2002 and 2006, has some Lodi Festivals. Ralph had placed these patterns on a website he used to maintain but since has dropped from the juggling community he killed the site. Before it went down for good he notified a few of us and copies where make. In 2017 while look for some content to work on to learn web development with I found the files of that site. The HTML used for the site was basic for 2005 and has not faired well with age and the formatting used on the site was inconsistant. So this is an updated and cleaned up version of patterns on that website.

In the process of cleaning and updating the site I standardize the notation used to describe the patterns on this site naming it Multi-Siteswap notation.